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merely v{$globals.ver}

merely is a chatbot on discord that provides...

  • tools for server administration
  • image and google search functionality for entertainment
  • a meme database for lazy shitposting
  • a beautiful, intuitive, user friendly experience for the average user.


here's everything you need to know about merely!

merely runs on a set of commands, if you know what they are and how to use them, you're all set.
note that square brackets mean an [optional] argument, brackets mean a (required) argument and vertical lines mean two|choices.

keeping that in mind, just click on any of the buttons below to get detailed instructions on how those key commands work.

hopefully that's everything you need.


here's how merely has been performing recently...



Responses sent out of messages recieved since the last time merely had to restart.

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Of merely running 24/7 without any crashes, major updates or power failures.

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merely is running on a raspberry pi 1 model b.

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{modules} currently running and enabled.

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here, have a meme you little scamp.
I can't believe it's not hate speech.